Strong relationships and depth of experience are vital to effectively reducing your property taxes. Feldman Tax Abatement provides the comprehensive research and strategic advocacy on behalf of our clients to successfully appeal your property tax assessment.

Feldman Tax Abatement will evaluate, prepare, negotiate and contest your property tax assessment before the Value Adjustment Board and Property Appraiser


Feldman Tax Abatement tax experts provide clients with successful results through innovative and proven techniques that challenge proposed assessments of taxable commercial and residential property. By performing a comprehensive valuation analysis, our professionals can accurately determine if the proposed assessment is fair and equitable. We carefully examine and challenge the methodology being used by the assessor to ensure that all approaches to value have been properly utilized. We analyze all available valuation methodologies that match given fact patterns to provide the best possible outcome for our clients.


In those instances where our clients’ appeals must be challenged in Circuit Court, we vigorously assist with litigation support where needed and are able to effectively and efficiently guide our clients through the intricacies of a judicial appeal. ¬†Feldman Tax Abatement experts have extensive experience navigating the legal process.

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